Wednesday, 30 October 2013

CLUB PENGUIN book display by Danielle & Tiffany

Danielle & Tiffany chose the theme "Club Penguin" for their book display. These books are amongst the most popular titles in our Library. This is also an interactive display. Clever concept girls!  Can you spot all the Club Penguin Accessories?

Monday, 21 October 2013

Greats & Grans Day

Piata's Gran came & read books in the Library. 
Milani, Jemima, Piata, Tenille & Maverick, look on.

October 27th is Grandparent’s day. 
To celebrate our wonderful grandparents we would 
love them to come and read to our children at 
lunchtime in the library next week. 

Children … if you have a 
Grandparent or Great-Grandparent 
who would like to read to a little group 
in the library between 12.45 pm and 1.25pm 
next week let Mrs Macpherson or 
Ms Mann know what day they are coming.

What's your favourite book?
Mrs T's favourite book when she was at school
was "Anne of Green Gables".
Have you read it?
Trinity & Kasey's Nunu came & read to students in the Library.
Jaylyn, Meihana, Brooke, Andy & Trinity listen in.